Technical Management

Get full control of the technical management in one system. Manage everything from warranty matters, reporting of regulatory requirements to inspections, remedial of fault reports or roundings. Let the property manager handle matters in an easy-to-use mobile application.

Technical Management handles

Fault report

Receive and handle incoming fault reports. Let the system send updates to the tenant throughout the process and avoid wasting your time on feedback calls.


Create and plan apartment inspections in the system digitally. Get inspection protocols and create potential fault reports in case of deviations.


Create rounding schedules and let the property manager easily carry out and register the roundings in an easy-to-handle mobile application.

Regulatory requirement

Set up intervals for different regulatory requirements and let the system keep track of when a regulatory requirement should be registered and reported for all your buildings and properties.

Performance portal

Let the property manager easily receive, register and carry out errands in a user-friendly and easy-to-use mobile application with direct connection to the property management system.

Article register

Create an article register with standard costs for different services and errand types. Let the contractor choose standard articles when carrying out the errand and registration of costs.

Matching of supplier invoices

Collect supplier invoices directly in the Technical Management module through a link to the financial system to match the correct errand to the correct invoice.

Invoicing documentation

The module Technical Management is directly linked to the Rent module, which means that you can easily enter a cost linked to an errand and then use it as basis for an invoice.

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